-AND- (2021) with Erika DeFreitas and Adrian Piper

December 12, 2021
12pm to 12am EST

12-hour on-line performance event
Curated and organized by Christof Migone

With the collaboration of multiple artists, venues and partners in Canada, China, Germany, Korea, UK, USA.
Christof Migone


In partnership with and in the context of -AND- (2021), FADO is pleased to be presenting Hour 1 with the work of Erika DeFreitas and Adrian Piper.


-AND- (2021) is a 12-hour online event organized by Christof Migone. It’s the second in a series of twelve annual events taking place on December 12, from noon to midnight EST. Each year the event moves through each word of the 12-word phrase “you and I are water earth fire air of life and death and activates the word of the year in myriad ways.”


This year the word is ‘and’, consequently the focus is on repetitions, conjunctions, and duos. Last year it started with ‘you’, this year we connect you to anything and everything, you are together-with. Or, we get stuck in the very act that ‘and’ opens up, into the enormity that the so-what-next that ‘and’ implies.


‘And’ is all possibilities in a nutshell. A secular litany that follows pi into infinity. 





Hour 1: 12pm noon EST

Presented by FADO Performance Art Centre

Erika DeFreitas (Toronto) & Adrian Piper (Berlin)


Seriation #2a: _and (with thoughts of Adrian Piper) (2021)

Erika DeFreitas



In this newly commissioned work, DeFreitas creates a score based on Piper’s essay “Passing for White, Passing for Black” by isolating the word ‘and’ on the pages they appear. DeFreitas then performs this score, reciting the word ‘and’ evenly spaced within the timeframe of 1 minute per page.


Seriation #2: Now (1968)

Soundwork by Adrian Piper; Performed by Erika DeFreitas



DeFreitas was given permission by Piper to perform Seriation #2: Now. The original soundwork consists in 18 minutes of Piper uttering the word “now,” in a measured tone, at shorter and shorter intervals, from one minute to every second. Accompanying the audio are visuals created by DeFreitas to question our presence in the ‘now’.





Erika DeFreitas’s multidisciplinary practice includes performance, photography, video, installation, textiles, drawing and writing. Placing emphasis on gesture, process, the body, documentation and paranormal phenomena, DeFreitas mines concepts of loss, post-memory, legacy and objecthood.



Adrian Piper (b. 1948) is a first-generation Conceptual artist and analytic philosopher. She began exhibiting her artwork internationally at the age of twenty, and graduated from the School of Visual Arts in 1969. While continuing to produce and exhibit her artwork, she received a B.A. in Philosophy with a minor in Medieval and Renaissance Musicology from the City College of New York in 1974 and a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Harvard University in 1981. Adrian Piper produces artwork in a variety of traditional and nontraditional media, including photo-text collage, drawing on pre- printed paper, video installation, site-specific sculptural installation, digital imagery, performance and sound works. 


Visit the project page to view the complete 12-hour programming.





You And I Are Water Earth Fire Air Of Life And Death (2020 – 2032)

by Christof Migone


After learning about all the steps involved in making whisky during a three-month artist residency with Marla Hlady at the Glenfiddich Distillery in Scotland in the summer of 2019 it struck me how inadequate the word ‘whisky’ (meaning ‘water of life’) is. ‘Water of life’ captures only a small part of the process. The title of this work is a 12-word sentence that attempts to convey all the steps involved more completely.


The project will take 12 years to complete, each year one word of the sentence gets filled, very slowly.

1 You 2020
2 And 2021
3 I 2022
4 Are 2023
5 Water 2024
6 Earth 2025
7 Fire 2026
8 Air 2027
9 Of 2028
10 Life 2029
11 And 2030
12 Death 2031

The project ends on 01-01-2032 (12 years plus a day).



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