OPEN FIRE | FEU OUVERT by Marie-Claude Gendron

January 2022
Montreal, Canada

Part of Performance Resolution(s), FADO's at-home residency series



OPEN FIRE | FEU OUVERT by Marie-Claude Gendron

With the particiation of fire-keepers:

Alexis Bellavance
Laurence Beaudoin-Morin
Catherine Bodmer
Caroline Boileau
janick burn
Sylvie Cotton
Anne Florentiny
Pierre Gauvin
Léo Gaudreault
Stéphane Gilot
stvn Girard
Katherine-Josée Gervais
k.g. Guttman
Michelle Lacombe
Frédérique Laliberté
arkadi lavoie lachapelle
Julie-Isabelle Laurin
Helena Martin Franco
Diyar Mayil
Rhonda Meier
François Morelli
Florencia Sosa Rey
François Rioux
Jacqueline Van De Geer
Stephanie Nuckle


Well, our age is one of those fires whose unbearable burning will undoubtedly reduce many works to ashes! But for those that remain, their metal will be intact [...] One can no doubt wish, and I wish it too, for a softer flame, a respite, a stopover conducive to daydreaming. [1] 

OPEN FIRE | FEU OUVERT is a furtive, political, symbolic and poetic work conceptualized by Marie-Claude Gendron. Involving the artist and many members of the Montréal action art community, the group will feed a fire—daily, stealthily and anonymously—keeping the fire buring continuously over the course of the last two weeks of January.

Up to 40 members of the community of fire keepers will be culled on invitation by Marie-Claude. Those who choose to participate in the project will receive a detailed map of the route to find the exact location of the fire. 

OPEN FIRE | FEU OUVERT is an attempt to revive the invisible link that unites us through the practice of action art. Confined, for the most part, to the home, Marie-Claude Gendron's wish is to propose an outside simple manoeuvre that involves the participation of artists in whatever way is possible given their respective means and motivation. The resolution is to foster being together, even in an abstract and active way in the imagination.

The closing event for OPEN FIRE | FEU OUVERT is a co-presentation with VIVA! Art Action.



[1] The Artist and His Time, Lecture by Albert Camus at University of Upsal, Sweden on December 14, 1957.


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