Tiger Beat with Roy Mitchell

November 2-4, 2021
Hybla, Canada

Part of Performance Resolution(s), FADO's at-home residency series
Roy Mitchell


SPOILER ALERT: Hasting Highland eventually got their bylaw, but you don't want to miss a (Hybla) minute of the whole story.

Click the link below to read They Fought a Zoo by Joan Webber and then listen to The Doc Project's audio documentary featuring Roy Mitchell, called Of Towns and Tigers, to get the full scoop on this incredible story.

READ They Fought a Zoo on CBC's The Doc Project HERE.


In response to FADO's Performance Resolution(s), at-home residency project call for submissions, Roy Mitchell's tongue-in-cheek proposal was to go to Algonquin Big Cat Adventures, a roadside zoo about 15 kilometres from where he lives, and "take a tiger away. And then another."

At the time, Mitchell was preoccupied with so-called 'big cats' because of this roadside zoo, that had set up business in his community and Mark Drysdale, the owner of the zoo, was exhibiting lions and tigers without a permit. Soon after learning of Drysdale's plans to open this zoo in Hastings Highlands, Roy Mitchell started a group—Citizens for a Safe and Humane Hastings Highlands—with the express purpose of lobbying for an exotic animal bylaw in the municipality. 

So began a very long journey for Mitchell and members of his community. Much of it is documented as a part of Mitchell's art practice—in writing, on podcasts and as content for his journalism-cum-art talk show, the Hybla Minute. The story, and Mitchell's part in it, even made the CBC news. Is Mark Drysdale Ontario's own Tiger King? Not if Roy Mitchell has anything to say about it.

This incredible tale covers lions, tigers, and much much more, OH MY!


DOWNLOAD The Lion Ate His Tiger by Grant LaFleche, Toronto Star (2022)



Tiger Beat with Roy Mitchell
The Show you don't want to miss!

On Instagram Live @roybruno

November 2 @ 5pm: The Beginning
November 3 @ 5 pm: The Middle @ 5pm
November 4 @ 5pm: The End

The beginning, the middle and the end. In that order! Roy's Side of the Story. There will be guests, there will be mud flung...it is an Instagram Live Event—there will be no video made from this so please attend the Live Event. You can ask questions. It'll be very interactive!

When: November 2 @ 5pm
Topic: The Beginning
Content: Background and how we found out about the zoo coming to town. 
Guest: Julie Woodyer, Zoocheck

When: November 3 @ 5 pm
Topic: The Middle
Content: Organizing, Drama on Council and the bylaw comes to town
Guest: Nate Smelle, local journalist

When: November 4 @ 5 pm
Topic: The End
Content: The Bylaw, the Drama, Cops and what next and can Politics be Art
Guest: Shannon Cochrane, FADO Performance Art Centre Director


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+ LISTEN TO: Of Tigers and Towns by Joan Webber
+ LISTEN TO: Hybla Minute: Rattling the Cages by Roy MItchell