Polish Power Players with Dariusz Fodczuk and Arti Grabowski

Friday / Feb 20 / 09
8:00 pm

XPACE Cultural Centre
58 Ossington Avenue, Toronto

FADO Performance Art Centre is pleased to present new solo live works from two of Europe’s young, active and most sought-after performance artists. We give them the moniker of the Polish Power Players (PPP) as homage to the title of Dariusz Fodczuk’s on-going performance series entitled Tiny Therapeutic Theatre (TTT).

Polish Power Players and Tiny Therapeutic Theatre. Seems straightforward enough. As you read this you imagine yourself understanding what you might see at this event. Don’t be fooled. The titles are full of contradictions. TTT is not tiny or therapeutic in a traditional sense. And it’s not ‘theatre’ – at all. It’s large, loud, and attempts to, metaphorically, explode the theatre. Performance art as therapy...perhaps. Performance art as self aware, embracing, and helpful…absolutely. The works presented by these two artists are gentle and abrasive, funny and disturbing, and combine rigorous action with engaged audience interaction. Come prepared for a whole new kind of theatre. Tiny Therapeutic Theatre.

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