Phalogocentrix by David Khang

Saturday / Mar 17 / 07
8:00 pm

Music Gallery/St George-the-Martyr Anglican Church
197 John Street
David Khang

Co-sponsored by Vtape and the Images Festival.

FADO is pleased to present Vancouver-based artist David Khang. Join us at St George-the-Martyr Anglican Church (home of the Music Gallery) as Khang presents Phalogocentrix.

Phalogocentrix is a performance about language and the way it forms and informs our culture. Vancouver-based artist David Khang interrogates constructions and performativity of language that is at once gendered (phallocentric) and culturally specific (logocentric). Part calligraphy, part yoga, and part breakdancing, this syncretic ritual explores African and Asian cultural connectivities, within the theological context of a church. By bringing together traditional and contemporary cultural references, as well as trans-diasporic identities, this work is an attempt to further critical understanding of the relationships between race, gender, and language.

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