Toronto Tableable by Artur Tajber

Monday / Mar 14 / 05
8:00 pm

Gallery 1313
1313 Queen Street West
Artur Tajber

physics changes into a psyche through a succession of facts

the physics of geometry vs. the psyche of memory

FADO is pleased to present an evening featuring visiting Polish artist Artur Tajber at Gallery 1313. The artist will present a Toronto Tableable, a new work in his ongoing WALK'MAN series, The artist will also screen videos and talk about his extensive body of work. 

"My interests are focused around what can be defined as shaping the environment by an individual and collective. ... I think that ‘physical space’ is a reflection of state of soul; physics and psyche influence each other....Thus my work consists mainly in carrying out observation, constructing experiences, documenting them, and finally – presenting my observations and conclusions to others...." ~Artur Tajber

He has also written about the genesis and development of the WALK'MAN series:

"From 1995 I have worked on a subject matter for which I coined the phrase WALK’MAN – a street action...In the autumn of 1995 I was standing on the Lagan River Bridge in Belfast. Hundreds of thousands singing birds were circling over and over again on all levels and all possible planes, drawing in the sky simple (shape-wise), but extremely complex (structurally) forms. Since then I have walked along the streets in different cities with an altered attitude...I do not perceive a street-plan as a flat sheet of paper, but as a three-dimensional form in which time is the third factor, offering other passages and modifications of connection...I have no doubt that the most frequently repeated and important activity, which engages my body and mind to a similar extent, is walking – especially walking 'freely', without aiming anywhere specific (I do not 'walk towards...', but I walk, hang about)."


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