FADO's Emerging Artists series was initiated in 2002 by Toronto-based artist and educator Tanya Mars, who recognized that the best way to encourage young artists was by offering them a professional exhibition opportunity. Her vision was one of mentorship, targeting an interesting mix of new and emerging artists, many of them former students, whom she commissioned to develop new works responding to a thematic context. The initial evening of ambient, conceptual and cabaret-style performance art gestures curated by Mars led to a site-specific durational event in 2004 featuring One Night Only, a Regina-based performance art collective.

As the series developed, it became clear that this was an opportunity to nurture not only emerging performance artists, but also emerging curators. This strategy allows FADO to encourage new curatorial voices in performance art -- an urgent need -- and introduces us to new communities of artists. Most recently, the series has further developed to include artists not just from Toronto, but regionally as well. This furthers the series goal to showcase the range of work happening in the emerging performance scene in Canada.

The Emerging Artists series is a staple of FADO's programming year, and is one of our most popular events in the performance calendar.


[ Emerging Artists ]

+ Gestures (2003)
+ Game City (2004)
+ Home Repair (2004)
+ Feats, might (2005)
+ Open Airway (2005)
+ Enter-gration (2007)
+ Vivencia Poetica (2008)
+ Misinformed Informants (2009)
+ Extra-Rational (2011)
+ Sight Specific (2013)
+ 11:45 P.M. (2014)