Emerging Artists Series: Game-City curated by Craig Leonard

Saturday / Aug 28 / 04
11:00 am - 11:00 pm

Various downtown Toronto locations
Craig Leonard


Curated by Craig Leonard

GAME-CITY is a series of urban experiments across Yorkville, Kensington Market and Queen St. by Jessica Thompson, Paige Gratland, Charlene Lau, SR Palm, and the Grey Sweatsuit Revolution, culminating with performances by Charlie Black, 640 480 Video Collective and the Pauls and the Band of Outsiders.


These artists disrupt conventions by disorienting visual, spatial and auditory perceptions. Expect a range of approaches, from the subtle (Thompson, Gratland, Grey Sweatsuit Revolution), to the theatrical (Lau, SR Palm Black, 640 480 and the Pauls). The audience is encouraged to be as nomadic as the projects themselves as they move through the city. Various times and locations are indicated on the schedule, allowing audience members to take in individual projects, or spend their whole day with the works as they link up with each other.


The Emerging Artists series was initiated by Fado in 2002 as a way of highlighting the work of new and emerging artists. Previous projects have highlighted the work of artists based in Toronto, Kingston and Regina. This series selected and coordinated by emerging artist Craig Leonard, features performances and interventions by local artists using a variety of media.





Jessica Thompson
11am | Village of Yorkville Park, Cumberland Street (b/t Avenue Rd. and Bellair St.)
1pm   | outside Bedford Academy, 36 Prince Arthur Ave.
3pm   | outside Kensington Tavern, 40 Kensington Ave. (in Kensington Market)

Paige Gratland
en route

Charlene Lau
12pm | outside Bedford Academy, 36 Prince Arthur Ave.
3pm   | outside Kensington Tavern, 40 Kensington Ave. (in Kensington Market)
5pm   | outside Cameron House, 408 Queen St. W.

SR Palm
2pm   | corner of Augusta Ave. and Niagara Ave. (start of procession)
3pm   | corner of Augusta Ave. and Baldwin Ave. 

Charlie Black
7pm   | CineCycle, 129 Spadina Ave.

The Grey Sweatsuit Revolution
daytime (general sightings)
8pm    | CineCycle, 129 Spadina Ave. (Powerpoint presentation)

Pauls and the Band of Outsiders & 640 480 (VSL projections)
9pm    | CineCycle, 129 Spadina Ave.





Initiated in 2002 by Tanya Mars, FADO’s Emerging Artists Series was created to provide a professional platform for emerging artists and curators from Toronto and beyond. Working within a curatorial framework, the series is intended to nurture new work and ideas, as well as provide direction and mentorship. The series is also a vehicle to showcase the work of the community’s newest perspectives in performance art.



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