Emerging Artists Series: Home Repair by One Night Only

Saturday / Feb 21 / 04
8:00 pm

228 Parliament Street, Toronto

Featuring the ONE NIGHT ONLY performance art collective: Adam Budd, Felipe Diaz, Blair Fornwald, Tanis Keiner, Tammy McGrath & Anna Scott

FADO is pleased to present Home Repair, featuring the Regina-based performance art collective One Night Only. Home Repair will feature six simultaneous performances in an empty apartment building, focusing on ideas of communication and relationships within domestic spaces. 

Working collectively, the six members of One Night Only create individual performances on a common theme that act and react in relation to each other. The collective begins each project by agreeing on a common set of parameters. How each member chooses to fulfill, interpret or subtly circumvent the established rules becomes the basis of their developing dialogue, resulting in a multilayered and multi-perspectived approach.



ARTIST TALK: One Night Only + Life=Art=Life
February 22, from 2–5pm
Karen Schreiber Gallery (25 Morrow Street, Suite #30)

Artist talk featuring One Night Only members with some of the participants of Life=Art=Life, a weekend of performances and talks featuring Louise Liliefeldt, Richard Martel, Tehching Hsieh and Kristine Stiles. Life=Art=Life is a Blank Slate presentation with support from the 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art.



Initiated in 2003 by Tanya Mars, FADO’s Emerging Artists Series was created to provide a professional platform for emerging artists and curators from Toronto and beyond. Working within a curatorial framework, the series is intended to nurture new work and ideas, as well as provide direction and mentorship. The series is also a vehicle to showcase the work of the community’s newest perspectives in performance art.


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