Not Waterproof by Julie Andree T.

Monday / Apr 27 / 09
8:00 pm

The Theatre Centre
1087 Queen Street West, Toronto
Julie Andree T

In Not Waterproof, Julie Andrée T. plays with the codes of representation and refuses all semblance of character. She exchanges the dramatic text for writing based on action. Subjected to a series of ordeals, pulverized and dirtied, her body becomes a dreamscape. In exposing her vulnerability, she quietly conveys the impermanent and ephemeral nature of our lives. Like an effervescent fraternal twin.

When performance-installation encounters theatre in Julie Andrée T's work, the blend is unsettling and fascinating. Julie's iconoclastic work is a hybrid of these two approaches in which dialogue, a series of actions and live images are gradually distilled into poetry. Disconcerting, moving and unclassifiable, the piece deploy an astounding transformation of the body by means of a metamorphosis of the stage landscape.

Conceived and performed by Julie Andrée T
Lighting Design by Jean Jauvin
Sound Design by Laurent Maslé


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