Get Trained by Shannon Cochrane

Wednesday / Jun 23 / 99
12:00 pm - 12:00 am

Various Locations
Queen Street West
Shannon Cochrane

FADO continues its 12-month duration performance art series, TIME TIME TIME, with local artist Shannon Cochrane. Her 3-day performance Get Trained: Celebrating 13 Years in the Service Industry, takes a practical approach toward the 'job' of performance art.

Over the course of three days, Cochrane will recreate her career in the service industry in the name of art. Shannon describes her performance regimen:

On June 23rd, you will be able to find me pounding the pavement armed with my resume. I will complete an 8 hour work day attempting to deliver my resume to every business that crosses my path. No stone will remain unturned. Bars, restaurants, offices, clothing shops, galleries. I work my way from Bloor West Village to the Annex, Yorkville to the Eaton Center, Kensington Market to Queen West. Finally I work my way through Parkdale and up Roncesvalles to finish.

On June 24th, I will wait with my phone by my side for any interest that comes my way. I will spend the day making follow-up calls and scheduling interviews.

I never quit a job until I have another, so potential employers should keep in mind that I am only available after I have completed my shift tomorrow. My last day.

On June 25th, I go to work as I have for 13 years. Only this time, you will be able to see examples of ALL my work, scattered throughout the Queen West community. Following a preset itinerary, I will be employed for 12 hours at a minimum of six different establishments, two hour shifts each. I am the girl serving drinks at the bar, greeting customers at the door, offering advice about home furnishings, dusting the shelves, selling books, the employee that made your cappuccino. I am energetic, responsible and prompt. I am a hardworking and loyal employee.

To receive a "Get Trained" package, including the complete itinerary for the June 25 performance, a detailed copy of Shannon Cochrane's resume, her CV and letters of reference, send an e-mail to get_trained@hotmail.com or leave your name and address at (416) 821-4674. If you are based in Toronto, she'll deliver it to you while on her rounds on June 23rd.



An OCAD graduate in Interdisciplinary Studies, Shannon Cochrane has received widespread attention for her work as both a solo artist and as part of the performance art duo 'me and me'. She has performed at various venues in Canada and the US, including the Power Plant, the Cleveland International Performance Art Festival and 7a*11d International Performance Art Festival. She is a founding member and co-curator of 7a*11d as well as the former .in/attendant. Gallery on Queen Street West.



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